The EYES 2017 will take place at the Rectorate of the University of Porto.

The building that now houses the Rectorate of the University of Porto was built on the foundations of the College of Orphaned Boys and the Church of Our Lady of Grace (XVII century). The building, of the neoclassical style, was financed by the Literary Subsidy, a tax on wine, in 1803. In 1911 it housed the Faculty of Sciences, and presently houses the Rectory and the Natural History Museum of the University of Porto.

Rectorate of the University of Porto
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4050-159 Porto

How to get here:
Bus: STCP – 200, STCP – 201, STCP – 207, STCP – 208, STCP – 300, STCP – 301, STCP – 302, STCP – 303, STCP – 304, STCP – 305, STCP – 501, STCP – 507, STCP – 601, STCP – 602, STCP – 703, STCP – 801, STCP – ZH, STCP – 12M, STCP – 13M
Tram: STCP – Circular trip Massarelos – Carmo, STCP – Circular trip Carmo – Batalha

Nearest Wi-fi/hotspot:
Wifi Porto Digital – Edifício da Reitoria da UP (Rectorate of the University of Porto), Jardim de João Chagas, From the south side of Praça Carlos Alberto, Praça dos Leões Praça de Parada Leitão, Jardim de João Chagas (Cordoaria) and Praça de Lisboa